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manuscript evaluation
substantive editing
proposal development
co-writing and ghostwriting
web content development
query and synopsis writing
fiction technique coaching
project management
platform development
marketing advice
submissions guidance
agent and publisher contacts
selective referrals

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So, you've finished a manuscript. Or you're trying to finish a book proposal. Maybe you have a great book idea that you can't seem to get off the ground. Or you're wondering how to pitch your project—and to whom. What should you do?

Talk to Greenline. Let us assess your project and your needs. If we think we can help, we will recommend a plan of action to maximize your chances of publication.

Greenline's consultants are top industry professionals with an extensive network of agent and publisher contacts and decades of experience in helping writers realize their goals. We handle fiction and nonfiction projects at every stage of development, from conception through completion. We also develop online content and edit articles for magazines, newspapers, and other publications. Equally skilled at working with first-timers and published authors, we assist all our clients in developing their ideas, shaping their material, refining their voices, polishing their presentations, and navigating the publishing scene.

Today, the marketing potential of both the author and the book plays a critical role in the decision to publish. Greenline's consultants will evaluate the appeal of your project and suggest creative ways of packaging yourself and your work to catch the eye of publishing insiders, the media, and, of course, your target readers.

Savvy writers know that professional guidance is very often the key to getting their work noticed. So before sending your project out into the world, let Greenline insure that the work is market ready. We are a small, selective firm that accepts new clients based on appropriate fit. To find out if we are the right match for you, please query us. Your words will receive our closest attention. After all, that's our business.

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